2020 Special Edition: REinventing Our Common Future

Special Edition 2020: REinventing Our Common Future

  Imagine Europe Special Edition 2020: REinventing Our Common Future Imagine Europe after the Corona Crisis! How should we live on? What should we change? What have we learnt? Winners will receive the opportunity to participate in online video conferences with decision- and change-makers. They will be selected by our Ambassadors as well the respective decision- and change-makers. We will publish several deadlines for participation, on...

Winners 2019


I believe in humanity – by Anna Nikolashvily

I may seem to be a pessimist, but these days I often think about our future and I am afraid that people, despite the rapid development, will not be humans any more. There will be no one to give you a hand when you are in need, there will be no one to support you...


Vision of Europe in 2050! – by Zlatko Mesic

Vision in Europe 2050! Anja: Six years ago, Croatia has become a member of the European union. Teenagers see great positive change and advantages of the membership, and we believe that the whole Europe will unite by the year 2050, along with countries on other...


My vision of Europe in 2050 – by Eric Jhon Cruz

My vision of Europe in 2050 is the collective vision which I came up with by looking at it from a multi-disciplinary perspective from the four main sectors which I believe would be key players for the fate of Europe in 2050: the farming sector, the research sector, the...


The United States of Europe – by Radu Dumitrescu

My vision for Europe in 2050 is essentially a federalist one, meaning that the 28 states that make up the Union today will, by then, be fully integrated into a federal or federation-like supra-structure like the United States of Europe. There are very few areas that...

Jury 2019


Tevan Poghosyan

Mr. Tevan Poghosyan is the President of the International Center for Human Development (ICHD). Since May 2018 Mr. Poghosyan has been appointed as the Adviser to the President of Armenia on an ad hoc basis. For about two decades he has also been leading the Armenian...


Ulrike Guérot

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Guérot is professor at the Danube University in Krems, Austria and head of the Department for European Policy and the Study of Democracy. She is the founder of the European Democracy Lab in Berlin, a think-tank dedicated to the idea of a European...


Alberto Alemanno

Alberto Alemanno is Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law at HEC Paris and Global Professor of Law at New York University School of Law. Due to his commitment to bridge the gap between academic research and policy action, Alberto pioneered innovative, gamified forms of civic...


Carina Autengruber

Carina Autengruber is the President of the European Youth Forum and originally from Austria. Her academic background includes development studies, gender studies and political science and she has been working in a consulting company for more than 8 years. From 2014 to...


Niccolo Milanese

Niccolo Milanese is a founding director of European Alternatives, a civil society organisation promoting democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state. With Lorenzo Marsili, he is author of Citizens of Nowhere: How to save Europe from itself (Zedbooks 2018)...


Rolf Tarrach

Rolf Tarrach was the President of the University of Luxembourg from January 2005 to December 2014 and is now Rector emeritus since January 2018. He studied physics in Valencia, received a PhD degree in Barcelona and was postdoc at CERN, Geneva. Dr. Tarrach was...


Rania Ali

Rania Ali is a 23 year old Syrian Journalist based in Vienna. As a film maker, she has won an award for the documentary “Escape from Syria: Rania’s Odyssey“. Rania gave a TEDx Talk in Paris in November 2017 and continues to document the journeys of refugees.