Andreea Melinescu graduated in Journalism and Landscape Design at the University of Craiova, Romania. She is currently an entrepreneur in floral design and also works in the marketing and PR department in the cultural field. In the past, she received the Schuman Scholarship – Journalism Option and worked as an intern at the European Parliament at the Web Communication Unit in Brussels.

In 2016, Andreea founded April Hub NGO. Since then, she is organising youth projects related to photography, crafting, democracy and human rights. Andreea was a volunteer to several national and European projects, including the YO!Fest & YO!Mag organised by the European Youth Forum, the project Promoters of European Democracy organised by the Information Office of the European Parliament in Romania, and Make them smile powered by VUSAF – Afghanistan-Schulen.

Andreea is a passionate about traveling, social media, flowers, photography and music.

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