Rolf Tarrach

Rolf Tarrach was the President of the University of Luxembourg from January 2005 to December 2014 and is now Rector emeritus since January 2018. He studied physics in Valencia, received a PhD degree in Barcelona and was postdoc at CERN, Geneva. Dr. Tarrach was professor of theoretical physics at the University of Luxembourg and also served in that capacity at the universities of Valencia and Barcelona. He has published some 100 articles in quantum field theory, quantum chromodynamics and quantum information theory, four books on different subjects and some 100 essays on research, education and other knowledge related subjects. He has done research in a dozen countries and has been awarded an honorary doctoral degree from the University of Saint Petersburg and another one from the University of Liège. Dr Tarrach has received awards and decorations in Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg and has been Dean and Vice-president at the University of Barcelona. He is a former president of the CSIC (the Spanish Scientific Research Council, Madrid), and a former member of EURAB, EUROHORCS, ESOF (2004 in Stockholm, 2006 in Munich and 2008 in Barcelona), former president of ACA (Brussels) and former Vice-chair of the jury of the French “Initiative d’excellence”. He chaired the committee of international experts EU2015 (2011, Spain). He has been on the EUA Council for 10 years and is EUA’s president as of July 2015.

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