Sezer Aksoy is currently pursuing his PhD studies in Public Relationship and Advertising, Social Media and Digital Storytelling at the Anadolu University (in Eskişehir, Turkey). He previously graduated at the same university in the Department for Advertising and Public Relationship. During his studies, Sezer was a participant in and organiser of various international projects and won several awards with his short movies. Since 2018 January, Sezer is a lecturer at the Universidad Externado de Colombia in Bogota and is teaching social media & documentary making. He is currently working on two important documentaries called “Refugees Children’s problems” and “Phrygian Cap”.

Sezer’s personal message to all future Imagine Europe participants: “This project and the people you will meet can change your life! This was my case for sure. So, follow your instinct and change something! I hope to see you soon and always be happy! Hugs from Colombia and Turkey to all!”

Take a look at some of Sezer’s works:

More Future
(First prize of the Shining Stars of Europe contest in 2015)

(a short movie about European Diversity)

The Hug
(Finalist of the Shining Stars of Europe contest in 2017)

Hopeful Eyes Outside the Border
(ahort documentary about Syrian Children Refugees at the border – Finalist of TRT International short movie contest)

(audiovisual works in Colombia about the relationship between Turkey and Colombia.)


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