Special Edition 2020: REinventing Our Common Future


Imagine Europe Special Edition 2020: REinventing Our Common Future

Imagine Europe after the Corona Crisis! How should we live on? What should we change? What have we learnt?

Winners will receive the opportunity to participate in online video conferences with decision- and change-makers. They will be selected by our Ambassadors as well the respective decision- and change-makers.

We will publish several deadlines for participation, on specific topics (to be announced soon). The next deadlines will be in June 2020.

Choose one of the following topics and present your ideas using the medium of your choice (video, photography, podcast, poems, music, design, etc.):

What needs to change in European politics in order to help Europe become more resilient
and deal with future crises more effectively? Does the EU need more competencies?

How much surveillance do we need? Do we need a new understanding of data protection?
How much should we rely on personal responsibility? And what is the role of increased participation?

Which areas of the economy have proven to be of particular importance during the Covid-19 crisis?
What should be our conclusions with regard to economic policies?

What has the crisis taught us? Did it lead to positive changes in our behaviour
which we could maintain? How can we make these changes sustainable?


  • Videos should be no longer than 90 seconds.
  • In case of pictures or images, please submit no more than 15 pictures or images
  • Audio files should be no longer than 90 seconds.
  • Your contribution can be in the language of your choice. If your chosen language is not English, it would be great if you could provide an English text version attached. In case you need help with translation, just contact us (team(at)imagineeurope.eu)!

What’s next?

Winners will receive the opportunity to have online exchanges with European decision- and change-makers (to be announced soon).

Become part of the Imagine Europe Community and participate in events all over Europe and beyond! Become part of a thriving community of change-makers aiming to innovate and strengthen democracy!

Questions? Please get in touch:  team (at) imagineeurope.eu


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