REcheck every invention – by Tamara Lamanova

New reality. No one could imagine such a future. The crisis showed that Europe had turned into a block of flats. Each country closed the border like a door thinking that its flat would escape the terrible fate of the neighbors. Nevertheless, the crisis affects every country. This problem can be solved by joint efforts: “All for one, one for all.”
The crisis has made changes, but they are hardly positive. For example, we dreamed about online studying and working. This crisis has allowed our dreams to come true, but I do not think we are happy.
I do not think we should REinvent what leading us to a more bitter future. There are no proves that the virus was the result of an invention, but there are concerns that experimenting in this field is dangerous. To achieve 17 sustainable development goals, we should remember our past, REcheck every invention eliminating any that can destroy humanity, and live according to the lows of Nature.

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