My name is Helmar Böhnlein and I graduated in 2011 from LMU Munich with a Masters Degree in Political Science.

As a business consultant, I have the privilege to work with diverse people all over Europe, Russia and South America. In the past I have also worked for a Startup (Financing Concepts), Caritas (Foreign Aid for Ukraine, Moldova), FIAN (Right to Food) and spent a year in Brazil working for an NGO.

In 2009 I did an internship at the European Parliament and focused on concepts of how to improve the level of democratic participation in the EU, in particular on the European Citizen Initiative.

I am highly interested in good social business concepts that help solving societal problems and closely follow the innovations in this sector.

Imagine Europe is the challenge to everyone to really think about the question of what we want to achieve and how want to live in Europe in the future. Don’t leave it to others to shape your future and bring in your ideas!

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