Andjela Micanovic holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations/American Studies from the University of Heidelberg (Germany). She previously obtained a B.A. at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Montenegro. As an exchange student, she spent the second year of studies at the American University in Washington, DC (USA).

Throughout her studies, Andjela was actively engaged in student organizations and NGOs aiming at empowering youth. During her internship within the United Nations in Montenegro, she was a member of the small team that conducted the I wish for Myself campaign, encouraging youth from the underdeveloped North of Montenegro to take an active part in the development of their communities. While working for the EU Delegation to Montenegro and the Montenegrin Embassy to USA, Andjela followed the Montenegrin path towards the European Union and NATO and observed Government efforts at countering challenges of memberships. Andjela worked for the national and local TV stations and NGO sector, bringing to light issues that people encounter on daily basis and providing possible solutions.

Andjela was a national representative at conferences and seminars organised by the European Commission and the United Nations, as well as other non-profit organisations, and actively contributed to the adoption of youth-related documents of high significance (Colombo Declaration on Youth, Guiding Framework on the thematic priority of “Youth Empowerment for Political Participation”, etc).

Andjela is fluent in Montenegrin/Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian and English. She has a good knowledge of German, Italian, and Spanish.

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