Vision in Europe 2050! Anja: Six years ago, Croatia has become a member of the European union. Teenagers see great positive change and advantages of the membership, and we believe that the whole Europe will unite by the year 2050, along with countries on other continents such as the Americas, Asia, and Africa. We believe that this would bring great prosperity to all mankind regarding finances, culture, healthcare, and all other aspects of modern life. Morena: By the year 2050, I believe in great breakthroughs in medicine and I think we will find a cure for mortality. Miniature nanobots inside our bodies will monitor our health and react instantly to a disease, resulting in doctors being substituted by computers.2050. Artificial intelligence will become so advanced that we will be able to talk to emotional robots. In 2050 the new future of energy in Europe will begin because fusion will grant us clean energy without radioactive waste and CO2 emissions. This will end global warming and resolve the issue of pollution and access to drinking water. In modern education, by 2050 teachers will be substituted by a European team of „hologram-teachers“ who will show all the secrets of the trade in an interesting and modern way. Veronika tekst • The world is full of complex events with great number of unknown variables. From weather forecasts to stock market fluctuations, mankind has been somewhat unsuccessful in predicting the outcomes. Although human algorhythms may predict long-term trends, daily events, such as whether there would be rain or not, are often predicted as precisely as rolling the dice. Neural networks based on advanced technology would likely far outperform any human in this, and many other fields. That is why I can’t wait for 2050 so I can enjoy my predictions.

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