Hi, my name is Tamara. I’m a student from Ukraine. I will try to communicate my vision of Europe in 2050. I believe that Europeans can create a model of Europe of 2050. How? Through education! After all, those who will form Europe in 2050 are in kindergartens and schools now. Proper education can help European children to realize their best potential and become “This next generation (which) has the unique opportunity to complete the job: to pick up the baton, cross the line, and raise its hands in triumph” (from Hans Rosling “FactFulNess”) I am sure the present system of values and beliefs will determine the future of Europe. What seeds are we sowing in minds of European children now? Seeds of the Peace. In 2015, European peace policy and wise diplomacy most likely will put out the flames of war in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The flow of migrants will definitely decrease and the refugees will be able to return to their homeland in order to build the future of their countries. Seeds of social equality. A powerful social policy and a tough anti-corruption policy should ensure “fair play” between the rich and the poor in order to eliminate hopeless poverty. Laziness and unwillingness to work will remain the only causes of unemployment in 2050. Seeds of innovation in all areas of human life. Here some of them: Ecological innovations. In 2050, the Europeans will be the first to eliminate the effects of centuries-old environmental pollution. Powerful waste incinerators will make litter one of the main sources of energy in Europe. Thanks to innovation in IT, people can work anywhere without having to visit city offices. Business, education, payment for services and goods, any registration or civil dispute resolution will be online. In 2050, a real De-urbanization boom will start. Living in cottage villages or towns with eco-houses will be very profitable. People of 2050 will witness fantastic innovations in medicine. Diagnostics will be remote and super fast. Stem cells allow scientists to repair the human body like a robot. Innovation in the field of agriculture and genetics will be definitely revolutionary. “Farming from A to Z” will be one of the main subjects in every village secondary school. Thanks to the geniuses who are now in European kindergartens and schools, humanity will say “NO” to hunger even if we are10 billion in 2050! And finally, the main seeds – the Seeds of Love If children feel love and care, all the rest seeds with no doubt will germinate!. This is my vision of Europe in 2050. “You may say that I am a dreamer” Yes I am, and I can confidently go on quoting John Lennon “But I’m not the only one”! Thanks to the materials that have been used in my pitch and my video: Hans Rosling quote from “FactFulNess”, Mozart “The Piano Sonata No 16″ (background music), Tears For Fears ” Sowing seeds of love” (karaoke Instrumental track in final shots), John Lennon quote from “Imagine”, shots from the cartoon “Argonauts” directed by Alexandra Snezhko-Blotskaya, the thematic pictures published in the Internet.


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