I may seem to be a pessimist, but these days I often think about our future and I am afraid that people, despite the rapid development, will not be humans any more. There will be no one to give you a hand when you are in need, there will be no one to support you. People may become lonely being surrounded by other “humans”.

We have millions of possibilities to make Europe of future better. Let’s not fail!

I am not a qualified scientist. I am not going to describe the world of future as in “The Fifth Element”. I am not a writer to make up a fairy tale about “Magic Europe of 2050”. I am just an 18-year-old student who explores this world and wants to try make people think about us and our descendants. Our world is developing too fast: new technologies, inventions, breakthroughs. And Europe, being the centre of the progress, is attractive to be the centre of my essay. The future is always associated with progress. However, we should not forget that progress may lead to some negative consequences. People will forget to think. Intellection is that small but significant part which distinguishes people from animals. Nowadays you may not know when, for example, Shakespeare was born. It is enough to check this information in Google and… forget. The rapid development of technology can cause computer systems being smarter than all mankind in 2050. People will not communicate directly with each other. Social networks are becoming an ocean of “fake” people. We are gradually losing our personalities and our feelings are paled by the screens of our phones. People will stop working. WALL-E was just a robot in the cartoon when I was 8, but now it is real. Hundreds of robots which can perform thousands of functions are invented every day. Who knows, maybe in 2050 they will occupy all work positions. These theses lead to my final message – People will stop being HUMANS. We may state that only people are able to think, work, communicate, create, feel. I am afraid we may lose it by 2050. A person will not think – a computer will in turn. A person will not work – robots will in turn. A person will not communicate and feel – one will just push necessary buttons in turn. You may say I am a pessimist. I am not. I am utterly terrified that there will be no HUMANS left in 30 years. Possibly, I was expected to describe the world of future in Europe with medicine which can cure any disease, machines which can do anything, with society which does not know words “war” or ”poverty”. I hope 2050 will be just like that. It’s up to us to make Europe of future better. We must not fail. Let’s make Europe of 2050 a fairy place to live in.


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