Half a century ago people could not even imagine those things nowadays are objects of everyday use. Twenty years ago, there were a lot of troubles to connect to the Internet or even to send a letter. A video camera or a laptop was a luxury and the phone was about the size of a brick. But nowadays, all main functions are performed by a small pocket gadget called smartphone. All discoveries and innovations made by people over the past decades have been quickly accepted by society and now are a part of everyday life. They have greatly changed and improved some things in all spheres of our life. Europe is actively fighting for equality, so that in the near future there can be a complete eradication of discrimination in society. People will be able to easily express their thoughts, preferences and tastes. A large number of scientific discoveries already helps to simplify the life and work of an ordinary average person. The process of production automation is already underway, but perhaps in the future, smart machines will be able to replace people, who do simple intellectual work. It will simplify production and reduce the number of mistakes, by eliminating the human factor. It will be much easier to search for criminals, since working with evidence and other difficulties will be a thing of the past. This will be replaced by a real breakthrough in science – creation a portrait of a person from his DNA. Perhaps this could significantly reduce the percentage of crimes in Europe and help to fight them effectively. Today, computers are an integral part of our lives and by 2050 scientists will be able to unite the human brain with them. In the economic sphere changes also must be occurred. It’s possible that the currency will be centralized, and only the most stable will remain. Despite the fact, that many changes will occur, nothing can replace most types of human labor. Every discovery, innovation or technology must be used wisely. Nothing can replace human brain.

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