How do you see Europe in 2050? Developed, prosperous – or, perhaps, weakened? And what if I tell you that Europe is much bigger than a lot of us think? Here are my thoughts on Europe in 2050. Miron Vitushka, 15 y.o., Minsk, Belarus.

Hello, my name is Miron Vitushka, I’m 15 years old, and I may seem dreaming, but here’s how I see Europe in 2050. I’m from the city of Minsk, Belarus, which is located in geographical center of Europe. That may seem shocking to some of you, so let me explain it a little bit: Europe is much bigger than a lot of us think. Many of us Europeans have made their minds that European borders are borders of EU and where EU ends – there lies the end of Europe. And this very division is our first problem, because it leads to many arguments within us. Eastern Europe is often regarded with poverty, unstable political atmosphere and other unpleasant things. Some don’t even acknowledge it as a part of Europe. But it’s not separated in any way – it’s a historical, economic and geographical part of Europe. Invention of multistage rocket, first European constitution, many Nobel Prize winners – these are only a few examples of how Eastern Europeans contributed to European history. I may seem dreaming, but in Europe 2050 there will be no place for stereotypes of any Europeans about one another. In our bright future there can be no West and East – but only Europe as one. And when we do demolish stereotypes – how great our future will be! If we enjoy our European heritage together, as a family we will be able to deal with stereotypes to other nations and cultures. Because in order to be good at accepting guests family itself must be united. I dream about Europeans all together developing and enlarging this heritage, which started in Ancient Greece and through our history came to our main values: freedom and democracy, which are embraced all around the world. I dream about teams of scientists from every part of Europe unite for improvement of our lives and for taking our civilization to the next level. I dream about united teams of European astronauts stepping on Mars being proud to carry European flag as ambassadors of our values. But all of that will be able only if Europe-2050 is not an arguing political union, but a family. United family. And I may seem dreaming, but yes – unity IS a solution for migration crisis. Unity IS a solution for financial problems. Unity is a solution to any threats. Because we passed the times of wars between each other long ago. Unity is the answer. And unity does not necessarily mean unification – each of our countries has its own unique culture, and we can disagree on certain on certain issues and it is ok – each member of a family has his own position. But if someone threats our values we must act together. And I may seem dreaming, but all Europeans we consider great…were just dreamers. So let’s enjoy and protect our Mother Europe – the land of dreamers and progress. Because strength is in unity. And united we stand strong. Good luck to you! See you somewhere in Europe!

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