This pitch envisions a Europe that continues to pioneer in matters of social welfare, sustainability and technology in order to set an example for the rest of the world.

The looming future brings forth a plethora of questions, across all generations each with their own expectations of society. The year 2050 will most likely signify a paradigm shift in terms of economies, governance and technology and the interplay between them. While the standards of living improve with each passing second, ultimately resulting in the world being a better place than it was moments ago, we cannot ignore the impending doom the planet faces. With scientists predicting an irreversible turn of events if interventions towards climate change are not undertaken, we must look up to the global trendsetters for guidance. Europe is the ultimate standard when it comes quality. It’s not just about dressing Italian, and driving German. The continent seems to be a step ahead not just in consumer products but in important social factors like social welfare, human rights and income equality. In a world, that is increasingly capitalistic, and where authoritarianism seems to be on the rise, it is my hope that all European countries push for more social policies, and demonstrate the effectiveness of liberal democracies with an all-inclusive approach in all sectors. Thirty years from now it is my expectation that Europe will have made significant steps towards the use of clean energy. The use of fossil fuels should be in its last kicks and the use of renewable, green energy will reign supreme. Norway has set the pace with tax cuts for electric vehicle owners. Bigger incentives and an advancement in this technology should be made to ensure its adaptation in the rest of the continent. Smart building technology is on the rise, green buildings constructed with locally available material while generating their own energy should be the norm. In 2050, it is my hope that the treatment of waste will also be revolutionized, plastic, tires, scrap metal from different types of vehicles will be repurposed in ingenious ways. I have already seen developments in using plastic to construct roads, and tires to build sustainable housing. Undoing the damage already done is difficult, but interventions like the ocean clean-up which aims to reduce the amount of plastic at sea is a commendable effort and a glimmer of hope to humanity. Europe has already demonstrated a reliance on technology and mechanized operations far more advanced than many nations, I mean, wasn’t the World Wide Web a European invention? Artificial Intelligence seems to be the new frontier in this sector and it is my vision that the use of AI will be incorporated not just in phones and autonomous vehicles but in the entire society as a whole. AI can possibly enable the exploration of other planets and collection of data which would be critical in solving the mysteries of the universe, or assist in finding cures for incurable diseases. Finally, my vision of Europe in 2050 is one that encourages innovation, openness in the sharing of knowledge for the benefit of the rest of the world and fairness as all men and women are equal.

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