by Bánk Kostya

EUROPE in 2050

Hi! I think the world, just like Europe, has already made every mistake which is possible to make. The main challenge we are facing in the next 30 years, is to see whether we will be able to learn from these problems and whether the new generation will be able to reform the most important issues which are causing most of the problems today. These are, for example, agricultural issues: will we be able by 2050 to completely eliminate the use of chemicals? Will we be able to protect our bird species? And will we be able to stop the proliferation of insect species causing enormous damage? I trust that we will be able to find adequate solutions to the question of how to integrate robotics into our everyday lives. By 2050, I think we will be able to abandon manual work, which robots will have taken over from us, so that we will have much more time for cultural and artistic activities as well as self-development. It would also be high time to reform education. We see that Finland and Japan have already come up with amazing new and promising methods. By 2050, we will have needed to abandon our orthodox educational methods and our school desks. Our educational practices will then rely much more on practical experiences and creativity. Interestingly enough, I think that by 2050, aviation will be even more developed and electric as well as other alternative-powered cars will dominate. I am very confident that Europe will have been able to preserve its nation states by 2050. I am also confident that Europe will not have been washed away and that our culture of diversity, which is present here in Europe, will continue to thrive. I try to look into the future with optimism, even though this might be difficult at this moment, but I believe in the new growing generation and I really hope that this new generation will learn from the mistakes made by our ancestors and ourselves, so that we will be able to lead Europe into a better future for all of us.

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