by Hassna Debboun

My vision of EUROPE in 2050

In 2019, Europe is in a state worth worrying about because our protector, democracy, is in danger. Indeed, many people around the world are victims of social inequalities and many injustices. I invite you to go back in time, and very precisely back to 1948, when the Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in Paris by the General Assembly of the United Nations to affirm loud and clear: “Never again!” following the atrocities experienced during World War II. Today, these human rights are unfortunately violated while they are our guarantee of peace. The urgency to act in order to protect human dignity and to avoid a war is great. Without respect for these fundamental rights, history will repeat itself again and again. Despite this gloomy observation, I am convinced that every problem has its solution. I believe in the goodness of humans, in our capacity to question ourselves and overcome our difficulties. Change must come from within each of us. We all have the power to contribute to a better world. Each person is important and is part of the puzzle of democracy. My vision of Europe in 2050 is full of hope in a lively democracy from which every citizen can benefit. I imagine this democracy at the service of its people. The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, stressed this. I quote his statement: “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”. I imagine a Europe strong in its kindness towards all its citizens by respecting the Declaration of Human Rights. I dream of a Europe where the human individual is at the centre of all concerns. By creating a universal income that enables all people to live in a dignified manner, by offering quality education, by awarding rewarding salaries to increase purchasing power, by granting decent employment to all. By promoting access to decent housing at a reasonable price to protect people from the streets. By making health care accessible to all. By preserving the health of its citizens. By offering information that is fair and accessible to everyone. And especially by giving back a real power to the people, inviting them to participate in political decisions, by promoting a fair collaboration between political decision-makers and citizens. Democracy is the sole guarantor of dignity and freedom. What’s more important in life than these two precious values? I believe in a Europe representing all its citizens, giving everyone a fair place in it. I believe in a Europe which carries the face and colours of all its citizens. This vision of a democratic Europe can become real if we dare to create it all together, today. As Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” So let’s work together to turn this idea of a possible Europe into a dignified and realistic one!

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