by Bibiana Košová

What will Europe look like in 2050? 2050 may seem to be in the distant future which can be hard to predict. Each of us, however, has some idea and vision of where she would like to live and educate her children in the future. I am happy that I was born in Europe and I know that it is also the place where I want to stay so I have my idea of ​​the future of Europe: First of all, my vision of Europe in 2050 starts with a huge challenge namely environmental protection and environmental policy. My Europe in 2050 will use renewable energy sources. It is a Europe without disposable plastics with a policy based on re-use in order not to waste materials and raw materials, minimizing waste. It will be a Europe that limits the exhaust so much that in 2050 we can breathe at least fairly pure air in all European countries, just like we can today. It is very important to be educated and to think and live ecologically. My Europe will invest in education and youth. Young people will have an even greater chance of engaging in Erasmus+ and other youth programmes will be more accessible to all people in all EU countries. Awareness of these projects will increase. These projects will be even more creative and will deal with European themes. Youth will also be educated on topics such as leadership, youth policy, or structured dialogue. More learning and more awareness: this is what we need in Europe in 2050. Awareness of what it means to be part of Europe. European policy is very remote for some people, so I hope that in 2050 European issues will be closer and more accessible to ordinary people in all EU countries. All Europeans who want to speak will be heard. EQUALITY will become a fundamental value among all the Europeans who are proud of where they come from and the unity they form. And I hope that in this unity we will also find the diversity that Europe offers us. Europe in 2050 needs to develop CULTURE. It needs to promote and protect the customs and traditions of the individual EU countries, so that we can still enjoy them in 2050. My Europe in 2050 will comprise both young and old educated Europeans who will be proud of who they are, where they come from and who will think and live ecologically. This is Europe in 2050. And we can start building this future right now!


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Bibiana Košová

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