What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Many of us control the smartphone. In fact, technology now plays a decisive role within our existence and remaining "connected" is an essential prerogative for every single citizen. Social networks are one of the many means by which the individual interacts with society, but today more than ever they are used for the pure exhibition of self, so narcissism and selfishness emerge as key words, and politics is transformed into a parallel world , a secondary thought as it did not concern us directly.

We must remember that we belong to a society, and it is thanks to it that we can access services, instructions, energy. Goods that we often take for granted, but that determine well-being for our lives.

Europe that dreams is a place where each of us can feel free to express their thoughts, aware that their opinion matters and that the community can improve thanks to its contribution. A dimension in which cultural and social divergences are not grounds for discrimination, but are smoothed and are rather the push to collaborate, confronting strategies and changes to be implemented.
I imagine a European Union composed of institutions that take charge of collecting real examples and our best proposals, leaving behind old rivalries and harmful habits, aiming above all at common growth.

This announcement can be the demonstration that Europe is listening to the citizens, now we can make our voices heard through the web, supported by technology. Greater visibility for these initiatives will make it easier for users to expose their ideas.
Providing a wide range of information to the institutions would allow them to create more targeted interventions to enrich and optimize the panorama of services that there
are offered, taking into account our needs.

A Europe based on these assumptions will be able to make us feel more united, more useful and certainly more participation in common life. A Europe in which everyone feels integrated and indispensable, aware of the fact that ours will be a society that we managed to build together.

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