I imagine, therefore I create

by Ashkhen Grigoryan

Imagine Europe in 2050? 30 years ahead?

Yes! Exactly! I do imagine Europe in 2050 and I am the creator of it.

If you, my dear friend, believe in the indissoluble nature of being the creator of the reality, You will easily start to weave the cobweb of it.

A question arises in your mind how do I weave my type of cobweb?. I will tell you now.

I have a belief in human being. I have a belief in the union of individuals. I do believe that we are on the way of opening up our inner voices and we have already started looking inside us. We have become kinder and more sympathetic towards other persons. We are going back to the nature and we have regained the long ago forgotten appreciation of the essence of the nature.

No matter that the way to the perfection is intricate, we are there on the track and there are many of us.

You will say I am a dreamer? I will answer you yes! I have a belief in the coming true of all the dreams that are in harmony with the universe.

And, eventually, I have a feeling of now remaking the famous saying by René Descartes“Cogito, Ergo Sum” “ je pense, donc je suis”, instead saying “ I imagine therefore I create”- “J’imagine, donc je crée”.


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