Dare to dream! Imagine a better, united and equal Europe.

by Enna Zone Đonlić

My vision of Europe in 2050 presented through the European Newspapers and European TV Calendar.

Europe 2050 
by Enna Zone Đonlić

We are about to say goodbye to 2050, so we wanted to list all the wonderful things this year brought us.


All European countries are part of the EU, even the UK came back. Balkan countries are in peace and good relations with each other for over five years.

European leaders welcomed a second Bosnia and Herzegovina president since the change of constitution.
Relations between EU and Russia are going better, as we are approaching the new Europe Summit in Sarajevo where decision-makers will discuss the latest issues with young representatives.


European Youth council finalized their project of open access to all public Universities in the European Union. All students no matter from which region, country or ethnic group in Europe can now enrol any public University in EU free of charge. Next step is widening of the Erasmus exchange and putting it on the more global level.


Youth are rocking this!

More and more hubs for young entrepreneurs open every year. This year, more than 1000. All of this led to the lower youth unemployment rate of the 3% in the whole of Europe.


2050 was groundbreaking again. Recycling became a part of the European everyday life as well as clear air with the lowest pollution rate since 2018.

Solidarity & Equality

Remember the migrant crisis of 2014-2018? It ́s been ages ago.
Now, all of those people are part of our societies with equal opportunities. They see Europe as their home. Home of their children, the new generation of Europeans.

European Caravan

A travelling caravan that each year visits different cities and towns across Europe with the aim of promoting European values and youth exchange.

Our Future

Being too optimistic is not a bad thing. This means that we still dream, dream big. Seeing things that people hold to be impossible and working on them together will make them our reality. All written in this newspapers is achievable only if we work together for the better tomorrow. If we start working on this today, this could be our reality in 2050. It might be even better. We have the right to imagine better, united and equal Europe. Home of all.

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