For E_U_R_O_P_E, 2050
Is undoubtedly going to be pretty.
Hello, everyone! My name is Jacqueline and I am from Romania. On the 1st April I’ll turn 14, so in 2050 I’ll be 45. I consider myself too young now to be a proficient speaker when it comes to politics, economy, technological changes or environmental issues that our continent may deal with in 2050, but I can tell you what I wish and what I HOPE Europe will be like in 30 years’ time from now.
I hope Europe will channel its positive ENERGY on raising awareness about the importance of increasing Energy efficiency, by using the wind power and the sun light more.

I hope Europe will continue to promote UNITY in diversity, because Unity means Power and diversity means valuing your own culture.

I hope Europe will show RESPECT for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity and RESPECT for the right of each country to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no interference, unless the rights of their citizens are violated.

I hope Europe will offer all the European people the OPPORTUNITY to freely express their opinions about the world they live in, about the things that bother them.
I hope Europe will use all its potential to convince people that PEACE is the primary condition of a status of inner joy, tranquility and comfort.
I hope Europe will finally understand that only through EDUCATION, a person gets empowered to gain respect and confidence to become free and independent, and only through a solid and successful education approach and policy, is the prosperity of a country conceivable.
In 2050, I want my children and myself and all the European people to live on a continent where hatred and war and violence and criminality and anarchy and discrimination and absurd fights are mere abstract notions with no representation in reality.
Even if it sounds childish, what I really want is that music should be part of our everyday life in 2050. Music resonates with the human spirit and it reminds us how good it is to be alive.
Remember the two lyrics I sang at the beginning of my speech? I challenge you all, European friends, to continue the song and play it together one day , in order to show that we are united and proud to be European! Let’s sing together for Europe!
For E_U_R_O_P_E, 2050
Is undoubtedly going to be pretty.

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