Immigration is one of the main problems in Europe. This problem has created also the biggest dirty money problem in the world today. People fleeing from Iraq, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Africa are forced to work much less than their legal wages. This re-created the concept of slavery in the 21st century again. In 2050, I hope migrants will be able to bring them into society by creating better conditions in European countries. I hope that the concept of slavery will disappear. Let's look at statistics. Only in 2014, at least 3 thousand 500 people attempting to cross the sea into Europe lost their lives. Most migrants came from the Middle East. 200 thousand were able to reach Europe. The highest number of migrants was registered in 2015, more than 1 million. By 2018, 102,882 refugees have arrived in Europe via the sea. Year 2019. Today, migration tensions from the Middle East and Africa to Europe remain high. Today, almost all politicians think that Europe need to reconsider the rules of migration and asylum. Currently, Spain, Italy and Greece are the countries where the tension is most common for it`s locus in the mediterranean sea, and according to EU law, asylum seekers should be applying for the first EU country they entry. For this reason, Italy and Greece are complaining of being alone meeting migrants. Countries in the North have blamed them for their poor circulation performance in the seas and for allowing migrants entry to north countries from land. Frontex, the EU's frontier agency, said in its annual report in 2018 that women account for 18% of all EU migrant workers from third countries. One out of every 5 smugglers who reached the European Union was under the age of 18, and 4,000 were without parents. These figures mean that millions of people are left without children and that millions of babies are left without shelter. We can extend this list as far as it extends. These figures mean that all the hopes of millions are taken away. But who is responsible for reducing the migrants on the eve of the mediterranean journey, which has already passed away? When asked this question, the countries, unfortunately, point to each other. I hope that by 2050, the countries' joint discussions will be based on the ability of migrants to live in better conditions and achieve it. I would like to believe that Europe will not be successful in preventing migration in the 2050, but that there will not need for it and that people will have all the opportunities in their countries and that they will come to Europe as tourists. that is all.

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