In my video I will be talking about what will surely happen in Europe by the year 2050. It contains subjects such as: resolved social problems, employment, adequate education, climate changes, rule of law, technology and conscience. YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO BECAUSE IT IS REALLY PROFESSIONALLY AND CREATIVELY MADE !!!

Thanks for watching my video.


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  • Muhamed been in top10 for a long time, moreover he took the 1st place!
    Today #ImagineEurope published a list of finalists, but Muhamed not on the list
    what this is about? It’s just a little confusing way #ImagineEurope chose the finalists. What about voting? it all looks not very nice

    • Dear Denis, thank you for your comment! Online Voting counts for 20% to determine the winners, as indicated in our guidelines. Our finalists are chosen primarily by our Jury. At the same time, we will have specific prizes for online voting alone. Kind regards, Imagine Europe