The war is the most terrible thing, because it brings to numerous human victims , leads to blood and torrent of tears. Human life is one and it's not worth to pass it with blood and tears. Especially, when it is done for area , territory, money or power. The danger of the usage of the nuclear weapon today is hung on the top of our heads and there is a big fear, that the evil creation of the human will destroy the humanity. That is a global problem and the question of the existence of the Earth depends on it. Countries , whose thoughts and steps lead to the way that takes humanity to the hell needs to be rebuked. Each person has a right to live one's life in peace and nothing has the right to destroy what God has created. I'd want that savage phenomenons to disappear. People and nations to live like relatives. I think it is possible to do kind things in spite of doing harm. For example, there are hundreds of people in the world, that don't even have minimal conditions for living. For example in many of african countries people don't even have drinkable water. Because of that many diseases emerge, that even the doctors can't fight against. Cancer is spread all over the world. Every day in different corners of the world people die because of it. One's only child, one's mother or sister and so on.I think the world knows the resolution of the cure of cancer. I'd want everyone to know it. People and children to be cured . Maybe in the souls of that children are hidden good pilots, doctors or musicians. I'd want the scientists to use their mental abilities on saving lives of people and not ever on bad things, which I listed. The Europe of 2050's that I imagine is not technically powerful, but with valued and appreciated life. I want humanity to value one's given world and to leave upcoming generations a healthy future.

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