Hello to everybody,
My name is Lorenzo and I am a citizen of Verona, a citizen of Italy, a citizen of the European Union. Well, in the 21st century everyone is swept up by an enormous quantity of information, which it can not be stopped. There is only one problem. This huge quantity of Information brings to an even bigger quantity of fake news and misinformation. Therefore, the educational system has to be changed and the teachers have to give more notions rather than teaching through memorization.
In a close future, people, in particular students, will need to get the critical tools to analyze information, to distinguish what is important and what is not and especially to build a bigger global vision.
As a matter of fact, if we don’t have a complete scenery of the world, we will not be able to solve the biggest problems such as the climate change.
How will education be changed in 2050 by the European Union?
In my opinion, in the 2050, the educational system will be based on the education strategies of the “4 c’s”: critics, communication, collaboration and creativity. Critical thinking is about solving problems, creativity teaches students to think outside the box, collaboration shows students how to achieve a common goal and communication lets students learn how to convey their ideas.
The most important skill will be the ability of managing the changes in order to learn new things and to maintain control in dangerous situations. It means that people will have to know themselves and who they really are.
Knowing oneself is the key to understanding the world in 2050. And the only way to know oneself is discovering the diversity in each other.
Here the European Union makes and will make the difference. the European Union,in fact, lets everyone go and visit Europe just by buying a cheap ticket to travel throughout the Union;
moreover, it also lets students have an Erasmus experience to meet different people. The European Union facilitates people from different countries to meet each others, exchange ideas, mature and build critical thinking skills. In conclusion, in 2050, the European Union will have a strong educational system which leads student to improve their critical thinking, their creativity, collaboration
and communication. Thissystem will be characterized by a continuous meeting with the alterity, to be always ready to discover something new and to change themselves. In 2050 there will be even more problems in the world to be solved, many more but never too many as long as there will be people, in particular young people, challenged to solve Them thanks to what they acquired by the critical thinking tools.

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