I imagine Europe in 2050 as a place of cultural diversity and social cohesion between the people coming from different cultural backgrounds ,a place where immigrants ,regardless of their ethnicity ,are integrated into this new society by working side by side with its local population ,and by gaining a full participation in the political ,social and cultural life ,leading to countering xenophobia ,thus creating optimum conditions for enhanced sustainable development .

As for the educational sector ,I believe that there will be more and more inclusion of the marginalized segments of society ,such as the mentally ill ,the immigrants and the elderly .I also believe that by 2050 secondary schools students should have at least two languages in addition to their mother tongue language .regarding higher education ,I believe that the focus will be more on research based learning , and that universities will cooperate more to facilitate research to a larger segment of students ,which will motivate students to gain new skills ,leading to a competitive workforce capable of driving the economic growth .

Additionally ,I believe education will be free from any tax to students regardless of their nationality ,and that there will be more funds and grants to organizations offering scholarships to students ,which will encourage students from all around the world to study in Europe and shape its future .

Regarding the healthcare sector ,as medical laboratory scientist who is passionate about genetics and molecular biology ,I believe that the emerging field of gene therapy will change the course of medicine ,carrying the promise to cure numerous diseases ,specially those with a genetic predisposition .The principle of this revolutionary technique is to treat disorders with no other cure through the introduction of normal genes into cells to compensate for abnormal or mutant ones .This will hopefully be a substitution for the use of drugs and surgery and hopefully one day, scientists will be able to treat unborn children for a genetic disease before the onset of symptoms .

I also believe that by 2050 people in Europe will go for a green life style .They will use emission-free transportation which will be free from any tax ,and they will opt for green build environments ,reducing the use of natural resources ,such as water and energy , and they will favor organic agriculture ,thus reducing air ,soil and water pollution . and finally ,they will adopt a minimalist lifestyle ,which will reduce the production of waste in eco-friendly way .

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