My vision of Europe in 2050 Countries located in Europe in comparison with the other countries of the other continents can be considered a good example of high civilization. Countries in Europe are known not only for the culture and the strict rules that they are governed by, but also for their being much more eco-friendly. A few reasons can be brought in order to demonstrate how being environment-friendly plays an important role in any country’s development now and in the upcoming future. In spite of being a place of diverse cultures, the majority of people in Europe obey the rules of nature. Preserving the greenery and preventing land pollution on the streets are the best examples to show how people care for the environment and comprehend the importance of it in their life. Greenery is a must for the humans’ life since it provides the man with clean air to breathe. It is a self-evident fact that countries in Europe such as the Netherlands, Germany and many others are the places where the bicycles are mostly used in public transportation. Implementing bicycles in daily life does help to reduce the gas-emission. Proceeding this process will conserve the health and future of the inhabitants of these countries. In addition, nowadays, many people are vegan and vegetarian. However, there are still many more who should be encouraged to reduce the consumption of meat and dairy products for the healthy life and for better future of their country. Moreover, as the number of people is growing, most recycling should be done in order to preserve the nature and contribute to conserving the energy. All in all, everything that has been mentioned above is to some extent being done in many countries of Europe. Although it is hard to foresee the future of anything else, in my opinion, if Europe is able to preserve the good features of it that it has now, it can become a lot more flourished in 2050.

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