The 2050 challenges for europe in the area of defense and security are clear. In 31 years we will face problems with migration, nationalism and foreign policy. The risk of the rebirth of the islamic state and the radicalization of muslims in europe may lead to an increase in terrorist attacks. In industry 4.0, however, they can be in various forms – from cyber-terrorism, through weapons made in 3d printers to battle drones. Such a future will play into the cards of extremist forces. Islamophobia and the loss of confidence in democracy will cause an increase in attacks on ethnic, religious and sexual minorities. Thanks to a stronger digital world and virtual reality, radical thoughts will more easily influence human minds. Sophisticated propaganda, in the form of in-depth fake videos or hoaxes made by ai, will be more and more difficult to reveal and defeat. Advanced ai as the dream of the future will be a two-sided coin for europe’s security. It will assist security forces in the prediction and prevention of anti-state actions. For anti-system elements, it will serve as a assistant that will simplify cyber attacks and ease the choice of terrorist targets. Even in 2050, the sword of damocles will be hanging over europe in the form of the third world war, a part of which can also take place in the universe. The main problem will be conflicts for natural resources The environmental disaster in the form of the devastation of nature, population explosion (9.5 billion people) and lack of drinking water will cause local wars, especially in africa, which will ultimately affect europe as well. Russia, as the main security threat of european states, will become much more visible in the future. The aggravating aggression in ukraine, the pressure on belarus and moldova, or the direct military threat to the nordic countries and the baltic states, will result in the creation of the european army. However, an entirely new front – cybersecurity – will open for modern europe. The world based on zero and one figures will have to defend itself from attacks on autonomous vehicles, electronic choices, automated hospitals, and power plants or urban infrastructure, business and defense. In my view, however, europe will be the world leader in security and defense in 2050. With growing defense spending, leading positions in innovation, a strong armaments industry, or experience, the old continent will be more confident, safer, and more prepared for any threat.

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