“Music is the universal language of people.” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
The language of music transcends everything. No matter where in the World, everyone knows the language of music. Emotional music touches us, an enthusiastic music activates us. The words are insignificant to feel this feeling.
“Music speaks directly to the soul, and the soul is best understood only by the help of music.” (WoIfgang Van Goethe)
“I can't express my feelings with poetry, because I'm not a poet. I can't express myself with shadows and light, because I'm not a painter. I can't explain my thoughts in movements, because I'm not a dancer. But I can do it all with music, because I'm a musician.” (Mozart)

The unchanging aim of all arts is to take the people from the war environment and move them into a peaceful environment. Music; it is a perfect force that can bring together many people from different cultures, different religions, different languages. To do something that has such a strong contribution to interpersonal communication, to be in the music in some way also socializes people. People who socialize with music move away from everything at that time, stay in the moment and enjoy life.
In 2050, I imagine a Europe where music is never silent and the peace and equality where prejudices have disappeared through its unifying power.

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