Europe in 2050

My name is Bojan Boricic, I am from Montenegro. I study Economy in tourism and hospitality. First of all I need to say how grateful and thankful I am for this opportunity where young people can show interest and concerns about all the problems and benefits that EU is dealing with. I think this program is a first step of progress, because only by hearing other people’s opinions and suggestions, we could make a better future for everyone in this community.

All parts of life are important, because one part is indirectly or directly related to another one, so if we make a progress in one part than other one will have a progress too. For example, if in future we could have more affordable and better educational system than we would have less percentage of crime, terrorism and corruption and more awareness about nature , sustainability and respect of diversity in community. When it comes to social aspects I think that in 2050 people affected by education and knowledge will respect more diversity of nations, sexual orientation , religion and gender .
20% of the people in the World that cares about ecology should rise to at least 60%, and the 20% are the educated ones. In 2050 people should drive ecological cars that exist now on the market, all Europeans should recycle. Focusing on the industries , I think that the industries in the Europe should be more aware about the bad impact they are having on the nature so fashion industry and technology industry should use less resources , so we could have heritage of resources for the future generation in year of 2100. In 2050 Europe as an imperialistic Union will help minorities and will find economical solution for poverty and also build adequate condos and apartments for the groups that need social help.
Artificial intelligence should have progress to make life easier for people in EU, but technology should not replace the human work, because of the access to jobs. In 2050 standard of life will be better in EU, economy of EU will rise, because EU will be dominant place on the sustainable market so the percent of poverty will be very low. In 2050 duration of the human life will be longer, from average 72-75 to 87-90. Europe will be a leader for finding cures to diseases because we will invest money in medicine and hospitals. In 2050 we will have a lot of innovation in jobs , so the percent of unemployment will be very low. People will live in peace in EU, diplomacy will progress and all the countries in EU will help each other in cases of economic or any other crises. When it comes to esthetic, we will invest our time in understanding art, culture and architecture so the future generations from where they come from.

Once again, thank you for the chance to share my thoughts and plans for better tomorrow.

Bojan Boricic

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