Healthcare Europe by 2050 By 2050, healthcare will achieve high scientific and technological progress thanks to innovative technologies in 3D modeling, prototyping, robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality technologies. So forward to the future. Healthcare in Europe 2050 g will fully switch to the controlled process of society in the field of digital insurance, individual patient microchipping to control biometric data on the Internet through clothes, food and water, trackers and mobile apps on all available gadgets. Diagnostics of diseases will be fully determined by modern scanning technologies with artificial intelligence, from photographs, with the compilation of a personalized database and the prevention of possible risks of developing various diseases. In clinical pharmacy, many drugs will be delivered through nanotechnology, oxygen delivery to tissues will be as affordable as chewing gums in stores, and biological glue will heal wounds directly on the eyes quickly without surgery intervention. Complete replacement of blood will save many millions of lives. These modern achievements will allow a person to easily carry any kind of load. Great help in the diagnosis of oncology will be provided by specially trained animals, IT innovations will allow to detect cancer cells at the molecular and energy-informational levels. Allergies will be determined in the early stages by testing, and anti-allergic vaccines will solve the problem of allergy forever. An early diagnosis, such as diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, elevated cholesterol levels, blood pressure, will be established for biological fluids. The operations will be carried out under the control of a three-dimensional model of the patient in a virtual reality. Surgery in robotization will reach incredible heights and achievements. A fully bionic person will be created. Prosthetics will fully restore people with disabilities, rehabilitation will be full-fledged until full medical and social habilitation and disability. Telemedicine will enter the Internet widely and will allow rendering assistance from anywhere in the world, the logistics of patients will be fully automated with the help of robotics. All organs will be grown from the tissues of the recipients themselves, the base of organs and tissues will allow to solve the problem of transplantation. Sequencing of the genome will allow you to create a gene base, to engage in the prevention of gene diseases at an early stage of fetal development. People will be able to live much longer and better. All that surrounds the patient will have sensors with simultaneous diagnostics. All health data will be available and open but protected by the blockchain system. Clothing with microchips will provide information on the network in case of unhappy injuries, injuries or diseases. Aeroscore (skykar) assistance will be available at any point, drones will deliver medicines and products to places where there will be no access to transport.

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