Europe has always been a stronghold of civilization. All important discoveries, all world events are somehow connected with Europe. Europe gave the world Dante, Michelangelo, penicillin and all that without which it is impossible to imagine the world today. Europe gave us a modern model of society based on democracy and equality. My view of Europe in 2050 is based on the belief that this region of the world can become even better. This also applies to global issues of migration and ecology, and issues of medicine and cultural development.
I hope that by 2050 technical development will allow Europe to improve the environmental situation. The transition to electric motors and the development of alternative energy sources will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In European cities it will be easier to breathe, they will be transformed. Great success will be achieved by European medicine and genetic engineering. Nowadays the most complex operations are already being conducted and the level of these operations will only be increasing. The scope of life will be expanded. Genetic engineering will help defeat deadly diseases, increase crop yields. Due to this, forests and meadow lands will be preserved. The development of digital technology will be revolutionary. A new digital era will come. Computers will be able to handle huge amounts of information. Production processes will become more perfect. The physical picture of the world will become clearer. We will get answers to the questions of who we are and what the future holds for us.
The culture and traditions of the peoples of Europe will become stronger. Multiculturalism will continue, but there will be no erosion of individual cultures. Each of them will acquire meaning, and together, like a kaleidoscope, they will make the life of Europeans only more cheerful and more beautiful.
The migration policy will be changed. Migration processes can be controlled only by joining forces. I think by 2050 Europe will become a peacemaker, thanks to which many conflicts in Africa and the Middle East will be stopped.
I hope that the people themselves will change. They will become kinder and more humane. Any change in technology costs nothing without changing the person himself for the better.
This is how I see Europe in 2050. Unified, friendly, stable, prosperous. Europe will be able to pass this difficult way to a dream only by joining forces. Such a Europe will become the pride of not only Europeans, but of all mankind.

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