Europe is one of the oldest living places on the Earth that was in the center of development and revolutions since ancient time. Mainly the development went in a successful way however Europe faced wars, genocides, revolutions that were helpful in this evolution process from time to time. Architecture, science, fashion and even basic knowledge about the whole world have been spread from here. Today the problems faced by European countries can change all processes and affect all Earth’s future. This little region becomes a center of decision-making process not only for Europe but also on the international level.
In my point of view, currently, the main topic in development is how to make the world more sustainable and make it a better place to live. If we would have a chance to observe the future we could watch sustainable, zero waste, eco-friendly, zero plastic lifestyles in Europe. For me the main structure of development and blooming is sustainability. As the main resource of the definition “sustainability” Europe as a region takes the responsibility to spread and explain the rest of the people what does it mean. One of the fields of sustainability is the environment and that makes us think what if we will have a future without an unsafe environment. The decreasing amount of fuel energy by increasing alternative one seems like a key aspect in European development.
At my current age of 19, I have participated in many national and international conferences about environmental actions and climate crisis. Sometimes people believe that governmental institutions are the only source of influence on the process of making global changes. The idea I always support is in Europe people are educated and experienced enough to solve even global problems as a civil society. So one of the main points I see more developed Europe in 2050 where the society will reach the mindset to make an action for the global change and to make the world a better place to live. The main duty of people who are willing to play the role as a facilitator to grow awareness of global problems is to identify the existence issue which is the first step in solving the problem.
I think that all these changes will help Europe to achieve SDGs proposed by the UN but on the other hand, to success these points not only in Europe but also in the whole world. That is why I think the 2˚ increase in temperature level can cause a rise in oceans level that can affect as a change of Europe map in 2050. Of course change in the map can make very big demographic fluctuations for European countries.
In conclusion, even if some European countries have a clean environment and water supply today but in fact, the absence of these factors can cause catastrophe after 30 years. I believe that environmental issues has been in the main focus area of European people and made them getting innovative in this field. Therefore this belief makes me feel more inspired to act for the change.

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