We are in a race against the time and the technology of a future. We have to make it in a different and the accurate way. We need a innovation. Welcome to the world of Europe in 2050. Moreover, Gender Equality and empowerment of women and girls are fundamental human rights. Both are important for economic growth, competitiveness and prosperity. Gender equality is as an essential precondition for equitable and inclusive sustainable development, which will not take place if half of the world’s population is left behind. The European Union family supports gender and always will and empowerment of women worldwide, working towards the removal of the obstacles as legislation, social norms and gender stereotypes to ensure that we give voice and participation to increase girls and women’s agency in social, economic, political and civil life. Europe will save their environment by promise the shape of the world of 2050 so they are going to need transportation fuels for those that will directly replace the petroleum based fuels that were using today. The electrical and electronic waste is recycled. Smartphone’s, laptops and televisions contain many valuable rare metals that can be recycled and reused. That is why the European Union makes sure that consumers can return end-of-life appliances to the manufacturer free of charge. This protects the environment and saves the industry money as well. However, Europe is one of the best places in the world for doing business and establishing itself as the leading technology and first in the world for both quality and value of inward investment. Technology companies have morphed and changing the nature of the activities that the way they are performing. They are setting up a new era. The growth of employment and prosperity, the better access to finance for business and startups. The European Commission is taking countermeasures with wide coordination of economic policy and an investment offensive. They provides work for young people. They provide free Wi-Fi in towns and villages with full development of 5g network support so every adult will stay update in every condition. International affairs or relations is to be effective in better managing migration and mobility and in responding to security challenges, the EU needs to work with countries outside the Europe. The area of justice, freedom and security is a central priority in the EU's external relations, ensuring a coordinated and coherent approach, involving all relevant stakeholders. Partnership with non-EU countries on these issues also aims to strengthen the rule of law. Last but not least, Space entrepreneurship in Europe is also a new approach to a space tech. The new space that we have probably heard this new space trend and essentially a new way of developing space technologies. They are trying to reach on a great outcomes on spacing as well and enhancing their capability day by day. On board now Europe is familiar with smartphones so it will accelerate gps receiver. Europe a better place to live and work. This is 2050 with the advancement of new thinking, new technology and new processes.

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