In 2050 Europe will be changed. It will return the status of innovative area. A lot of European countries will liberalize their immigration system, taxation and engagement of qualifying specialists. Education will stay more prestigious and the diplomas of European universities will be recognized in the whole world. Technology will stay more progressive. 2050 will be full of innovative technology and technological discoveries. Europeans will use a car that will be moved by air, robots etc. The medicine will stay better.People will create an artificial intelligence and a gene therapy.Europeans will start to communicate with robots which can understand commands,emotions and humour. Abilities of humans will become bigger and wider, but people will completely dependent upon robots and technology.Europeans will start to implant technologies into the brain and after this the boundaries between people and computer will disappear. This technology will create more comfort for people but computers will know all information about humans and they won’t have their privacy any more. Technology will be so developed that communication between people will be unnecessary. The need for friendship, love, family will disappear. Maybe the desire to give birth to a baby will disappear too. So high innovative technology will be in all houses and Europeans will not want and need to communicate with each other and it will create impossible conditions for mankind’s existence. So people will need to teach the artificial intelligence the love for people, the desire to help and protect. I hope Europe will have a prosperous and happy future!

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