My Europe in 2050 is very gray and sad, but I hope that it will never happen, and we will all see a new world, with new opportunities and relationships.

Pitch: As a member of society, I am very concerned about global problems and what the world will be like in a few decades. Even today there are a lot of problems related to the environment and oppression of people.
Imagining Europe in 2050, I immediately imagine a black and white picture, it is a lot of people, but they are dressed terribly bad, most terribly thin and tired. Because of the problems of racism, I represent a lot of social unrest and rallies, raising posters. The relationship between people because of this problem will only get worse. No one will want to understand the other, the infringement of those who have already been cornered will begin. Because of homophobia, I see how ordinary teenagers, faced with a lack of understanding of society, are closed in themselves, trying to adjust to the "correct" orientation, which is not, because all people are beautiful. Because of overpopulation problems, it seems to me that by 2050 every third will live on the street, every second tree will be cut down to build a new house for people. It is necessary to explain to those who do not understand, the problem of hunger and thirst due to lack of food-a serious and terrible thing. The environment will suffer, and it's awful, trees will be less and less oxygen will also be less, maybe everyone will have to wear over the shoulder oxygen tank in order not to die from the disease. If you explain to people that trees help them to live, I think at least every sixth, but plant a tree.
I hope that this won’t happen. I want that today's generation of youth is good and won’t allow it. I will also try to help to fight problems facing people.

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