Hi, everyone! I'm Nadiia Dovbush from Ukraine. In this video I'd like to express my opinion and present my view of Europe in 2050.
Prosperous future or apocalypse? Flying cars or depletion of natural resources? Electronic money or financial crisis? Landing on other planets or alien invasion? New colony in space or devastated Earth? Technological breakthrough or returning to a primitive society? None of us is a prophet and we cannot say for sure what will happen in a few years, we can only predict some changes. But we must be extremely careful while making our assumptions, because we determine our destiny by ourselves and it is up to us to decide what will be called obsolete and what will remain. And our way of moving forward is in our hands.
Nowadays we have so many issues to worry about, questions like, “How to stop climate change?”, “How to prevent inflation?”, “How to cope with unemployment?” are popping up in different headings every day. And solutions to these problems are yet to be seen.
You may then ask me, “What is the point in enumerating most widespread concerns without providing any resolutions?”
And my answer is, “It does make sense, because before tackling some modern or future troubles, we have to define them correctly.”
On the other hand, let’s think more deeply about this topic. I am sure that most people draw a beautiful picture with bright and vivid colours where everyone is satisfied with their life and has nothing to be concerned with. But the real question here is, “Do we have any right to dream about the fulfillment of those wishes?” Are we ready to change every inch of our current life and start from the very beginning? Look at the situation in our countries right now. Each of them has its own problems, some of them are even common, but have you ever taken your time to answer why some of the issues cannot be solved even though many politicians are doing their best in order to find a solution? What if some of them are just insolvable? And if they are insolvable, is it possible to meet the demands of every citizen? What if our Europe in 2050 will look pretty similar with so many people still trying to find answers to some age-old questions? What if we are moving in the wrong direction? What if all we have to do is to stop and wait? But again, to wait for what? For a miracle? Do miracles really exist? And if yes, why cannot we see them? All in all, what can be called a miracle?
So, again, let’s turn back to our topic. I do not want to scare you and I do not have any intentions of abusing anyone, I just want you to be more realistic while making your assumptions, because our future is so unstable. We should not rely on anybody else and we should not forget that our Mother Nature will not obey anyone. She can do so much more than we may predict and she can easily alter all our plans.

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