Time is the most important thing for every human on Earth. Europe in 2050, undoubtedly after 31 years from now, is going to have huge changes. But what kind of changes are going to happen? For a moment just close your eyes and imagine. I see Europe in the future with many breakthroughs in science, human interaction such as neural science, emotional intelligence. Progress in neural science by 2050 discover new features of our brain and use it wisely. Also, people in Europe develop further emotional intelligence and help humanity to manage their emotions. Europe will be fountainhead of energy, motivation. People in Europe will fully realize self-awareness, self-regulations, thus helping to rest of world. Europe can reduce biochemical crime. How this going to be accomplished? It will be realized with the help of deep knowledge, self-regulations, control. Europe is able to explore infinite universe with help of advanced technologies and AI. They can send robots, tools to longer distance to investigate universe. I imagine that Europe will discover how to deal with wormholes and invent real time machine, where people can travel to past. Advanced technology such as complete quantum computer, flying cars will be invented. By 2050 Europe will be place where every person can find happiness. With the help of empathy people overcome suicide, depression, stress. I think Europe will contain people who fully realize a value of their own life, hence they start to act rather just consume or claim. So they will eradicate laziness, obesity. At the end I want to say that everything is possible. To make big, essential, useful changes we should start to acquire real knowledge and use it wisely. Otherwise people can lose control due to the human stupidity and face real danger of destruction of world. We should think ahead, considering consequences. Last but not least important, we should believe and act mindfully until we have time.

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