Europe has become a highly developed continent in the field of technology, this progress can make people able to make their imagination become reality. Years ago an imagination about a car that was able to move without the driver was just an imagination, but now it is become something that is very likely to happen, even that has happened with the existence of Tesla. But, of course, each development there is always a risk that must be taken, for the technology, the risks that must be taken is human will depend too much on technology until there will be no longer mutualistic relationship among humans again, which in turn will make human services are no longer needed. If by 2050 all cars in Europe have had artificial intelligence in it that can make the car features the autopilot then public demand for professional drivers will reduce until there is no single person who needs the services of a driver, why? Because the risk of a traffic accident will decrease dramatically, because the engine will not drink alcoholic beverages or feel tired and then fall asleep while driving, very different from humans. And that's just one profession, while other professions such as cashiers, delivery agents, and other professions are equally at risk as the driver. Of course this kind of things will affect to the people’s welfare.
And also, the development of technology will eliminate a lot of human work, then the education of Europe in 2050 will be focusing on the education of theoretical rather than education of practical, because all human activities have been replaced with something that is much better at its job, which is artificial intelligence, so that people will look for something Ai is not able to do as well as humans, that is thinking freely, then the people will focus more on developing their brain. We will be able to make more sophisticated cars, create rockets capable of going to any planet in the solar system, making trains capable traveling at a speed of 1000km in 1 minute, we will be able to make all of that even though no one is able to drive it!
Humans interaction will also become “awkwardly distance”, because according to Dr. Yuval Naoh Harari, that with the development of artificial intelligence, the events of the 19th century that have produced the proletarian class will repeat itself in the 21st century with the formation of“useless” class, resulting in social inequalities that make interaction between humans increasingly difficult due to class differences.
Although the hypothesis sounds scary, but my vision for Europe in 2050 is that Europe is able to become a role model for other countries in their ability to harmonize humans and technology, so that technology is no longer a threat to workers, but an opportunity for workers to improve the quality of their work, so that they will not lose their jobs, and technology will be able to continue to grow.
Europe will also be a pillar of the world economy that can help other countries to develop their economies because Europe has been able to synchronize human workers and artificial intelligence to be able to produce products with the highest quality and speed that had never been imagined before. Europe will produce students who are not only extraordinarily intelligent in theory but also highly skilled at practicing, because Europe as world center for technology development has a responsibility to continue to develop technological sophistication and how to use these technologies in everyday life, and my vision for 2050s Europe is that Europe able to make society and Ai walk together then will be able to erase humanity classes and make all human qualities equal. Because technology is an opportunity to civilization, but a threat to humanity, but with the right way, technology could become another small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

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