SEVEN MOUNTAIN FLOWERS My grandmother’s name is Munire Erkan. My grandmother is 82 years old. She is healthier and more vigorous than youths. After all, the old stager… Until now, although nothing is missing, something has been frustrated for a long time. A carpet that has weave her hand in childhood and youth. But, she missed her carpet she wore with her hands in adulthood. INTERVIEW I learned weaving the carpet that my family friend in Avanos. I weaved the carpet my father’s house. The carpet I waved was very nice. Its name was “Seven mountain flowers” and it was very nice. I waved it for my marriage portion. But my father didn’t want to give me the carpet. He said “the carpet is very nice, you weave again another carpet yourself.” And he didn’t give me this carpet. I was ignorant. This carpet was on my mind. I cried to much for this carpet. My mother died, my father lost your mind and the carpet came me. Until now, I weaved 26 carpets. We were poor so, I sold 5 carpets at Urgup and I bought my house percent with their money. I gave my son and my daughters marriage portion another carpets. Thank God! So, I’ve exhausted my life. This carpet was labor, youngness dream, wedding dress and home for my grandmother. I will use this carpet also I will spread the most beautiful floor my house. My children will use this carpet too even their children too. In 2050, my dream is using handmade carpet and transferring cultural value of generations.

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