In the upcoming 30 years we, the Earth will be facing extraordinary, surprising, scary, admiring, sometimes bitter, but bright journey to …. Many specialists and professions will be substituted with robots. As a result of robotization, in the beginning a protest wave will be raised in the world which will stop after a short period of time. People will forget what the work is as it exists today. The countries, instead of combating with each other, will start to diligently deal with the education, enlightenment of their citizens. We will pass to the natural sources of energy. Petrol and diesel vehicles will be completely removed from exploitation. The existing concept of mobile phones will be subjected to radical changes. The education will be replaced with electronic teaching method. As a result of medicine development, many incurable diseases will be curable. Microchip implants in people will be of wide usage due to which people will be able to know the physical status of their body any time they wish. Consequently, the average life expectancy of a human being will increase for 5-10 years. Since the religion has lost its actuality, the cosmic laws, in order to fill in the people’s spirits, will bring up the vision of a new religion which will be filled with science, morality, justice, love and happiness. The man will start to capture the universe more intensively, mineral products will be imported to the Earth from the Moon. We will get the affirmation of the existence of aliens, we will fill up with joy and at the same time we will be concerned. During this delicate and sensible phase we should be attentive towards us, towards the people in our surroundings and towards the universe. Ponder over all these issues, make your spiritual, mental investment in the upcoming great job. The choice is always in your hands …

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