Rogues is a movie about rogue and independent hackers who are waging a war between themselves. The students are defending their school the malicious hacker who is trying to break down the school’s security system as part of a larger plan. The crew of students (Connor, Tyler and Jamie) are inexperienced hackers and stumble towards their eventual victory.

We hope you enjoy our short movie.

Europe In 2050.

I often wonder if we can actually imagine what the world will look like in the future. What will my, your, our Europe look like?

Looking at the events that transpire daily and are broadcasted on our TVs, in our newspapers and on social media I am closer and closer to being certain that I cannot be optimistic. A sad thought, right? A kid from the small Bosnia & Herzegovina has a hard time imagining a better situation and getting accepted to the European Union. By 2050, most European countries will face an enormous population drop. Unlike North America, which should see its population rise by 75 million inhabitants (two times less than the number for South America), the Europe of 28 (EU-28) could stagnate in 2050 at approximately 500 million people while losing 49 million people of working age. During the same period, the population of Africa will likely increase by a total of 1 billion and 300 million —130 million in North Africa alone. In other words, the migratory pressure on Europe will be greater than ever! This will be a demographic shock —implosion (inside Europe) plus explosion (outside the EU). Yet nobody in Europe is talking about it, let alone preparing for it. Everything goes on as if this demographic tsunami were less important than the so-called digital wave. I don’t want to watch this scenario unfold and suffer the consequences of inflation and grey economy.

That’s my problem. That’s your problem. That’s our problem.

I don’t want to watch the market collapse with the prices of basic food items going up. I don’t want corruption to have a monopoly over education and science.

Are all of these changes in all aspects of society – economy, religion, politics and borders going to necessarily be a turn for the worse? I don’t know. There is a question to be asked: Is financial stability going to be a thing anymore?

Let the workers who earn their pay through hard work be the priority. Let’s unite and help bring our world a stable balance of power.

I’m afraid of the future. Are we going to be able to get over personal vendettas on the topics of race, nationality, religion in the future? Are we going to be able to enjoy the fact that everybody is different? Are we going to be able to fully accept our multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society? Changes should begin as individual strides towards being a better human being.

It will be my Europe. Your Europe. Our Europe!

Still guided by the stories of my parents past experiences I don’t lose hope in a better tomorrow. And to be able to expect a better future, we need to improve the present. Us young people are the ones who need to carry our civilization forward. I don’t let statistics stop my will to make a change. I believe that in 2050 the economy of European countries will be at an all-time high and that human rights will be guaranteed for everybody. Human relationships will be healthier as political ones. We will be the ones to tell our grandchildren how we did it, how we changed the world for the better. Europe in 2050 will be a big healthy community for everybody!

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