Hello, we are Junior Ambassadors of the European Parliament. We are from Luxembourg and we would like to present you our visions for the European Union in 2050. What do we want our future to look like? What visions do we have? Mara, you told me you had an insightful vision to protect our environment. I hope that in 2050 protecting the environment will be a priority of the European Union such that, we´ll rely exclusively on renewable energies, and all the nuclear- and coal-fired power plants will be shut down and replaced by renewable energies. Therefore, I hope that there will be more subsidies for clean power. Then, I wish that we will have European construction standards and subsidies to encourage everyone to build eco-friendlier. Moreover, I wish that in 2050 the Union will introduce taxes on plastic, which will reduce plastic consumption. In addition to this, I hope that Europe will follow the Luxembourgish example and will introduce the free use of public transport in order to reduce the pollution caused by cars. But go see Leon, he had some very interesting reflections concerning technology. I hope that in our Europe in 2050, we will be pioneers in the domain of modern technologies and therefore I wish that we will have invested more in research, so that European innovations can compete on the highest international level. I hope that Europe is fighting for a European security network to protect the European community against cybercrime and to guarantee the security of our personal data. So, every European citizen will be able to use secure internet. Our schools should be modernised and become more digital, to teach young Europeans how to use new technology safely. Moreover, I hope that in 2050 there will be a high functioning telephone and internet network all over Europe, allowing connected Europe without borders. Oh, I see that Emma is getting impatient, you might want to listen to what she’s got to say. Hey Emma, which ideas do you have concerning European interactions? I hope that our Europe in 2050 will be a Union strengthened by the enforced collaboration of the member states. Europe should be a tolerant place without any discrimination. Everyone should be accepted the way they are, independent of their gender, religion, beliefs or appearance… Therefore, I hope that the Erasmus + projects will be extended to further educate young people with respect to European values. The Interrail network should also be extended to give young adults more possibilities to travel within Europe and to get to know the advantages of our European Community. I hope that in Europe in 2050 we will be living in a society with a European identity and European values, that groups or political parties not respecting these values and liberties won’t stand a chance. I imagine that in 2050 we will be living in a society where we identify as European and where the core values of the Union are cherished.

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