My view of Europe in 2050? That’s 31 year from now. Let’s see what has changed since 1988, 31 year ago. We couldn’t have imagined typing on a computer, talking on cell-phones, taking pictures, doing video calls… When the computer showed up, we had no idea what the Internet was, especially Facebook, Instagram, etc. Today everyone have cell phones and social media. What can we expect in 2050? When talking about phones, the image will appear from the phone, something like holograms in movies. Additionally, robots with artificial intelligence will do most of the manufacturing work, as it is more prudent to use machines than endanger human lives, especially if it’s a hazardous job. Moreover, we will also have robots do different things for us, such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, or they could simply be there for us when we need someone to talk with. The education system will change as well. Let’s go back in 1988. When children didn’t do their homework or they would give wrong answers, teachers shouted at them, sometimes they even got beaten. Today, children aren’t being treated like that. Teachers help them; if they’ve done something wrong they will be punished in a formal way (notes etc.). In 31 year, the education system will be like this: teachers will find additional ways to motivate their students. They’ll be interested in subjects they don’t even like or subjects they find boring. They won’t study to get better note, they’ll study to learn something, and they will be free to express their opinion. What was 1988 like for women? They didn’t have rights to vote, they didn’t work, their job was to stay home, raise children, cook and clean. Men were working and earing money for the family. Women were experiencing violence and that was just an ordinary thing. Now it isn’t something normal, it’s completely unacceptable. Today, women are presidents of some countries; they are establishing companies and being mothers at the same time. I think that situation for women will get even better. However, environment will probably get worse. Pollution, plastic products and packaging are everywhere around us. That will lead us to bad conditions of environment that affects us, people, but also animals and plants. Furthermore, homemade products, traditional food and natural products won’t gain much importance. Factories are more popular and more effective, but they’re not eco-friendly. Relationships among people – how will they be like? People are focusing on exterior rather than on their inner look – they care too much about prejudices and that ”ideal look”. People shouldn’t judge other people’s race, religion, age and sexuality. Nobody can guarantee that it will change in 31 year, but we can work on it. We are the ones who can change it. We are all different, but at the same time, we are all one. Moreover, we are the ones who are responsible for the future Europe.

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