Europe has always been the continent of the people. A perfect harmony of cultural appreciation and exchange of ideas through human interaction. A role model for all others. And that is exactly how I see it in 2050!
I see a Europe where culture and tradition will always be the center of our lives. But in a way where we truly enjoy sharing them with others, so they can see the beauty of it as well.
A Europe where friendship is the basis of our society. Filled with true friendships that are beyond nationality, religion, race, or any other personal identity which does not determine who the person is in their heart.
A Europe where love is love, no matter what. With the citizens of every country being able to marry the person of their choice. Where biracial and same-sex couples are not strangers in textbooks, so all children can learn how unconditional love is.
A Europe that is more sustainable than ever with each country primarily using renewable energy sources, high rates of recycling, and where deforestation is not an issue any longer. Most people will use electric vehicles for transportation, and rooftops will be covered in plants in order for us to guarantee a future for our planet.
A Europe in which countries will have a well established system for immigration which would make the process easier and more efficient. Because in 2050, no person will be left behind.
A Europe where economic development of each country is equally important because in order to for the continent to be fully prosperous, every nation has to be financially stable and successful. Because in 2050, no country will be left behind either.
And lastly a Europe in which education is reimagined. Where children are taught about the true power of independent critical thinking, and encouraged to succeed in the field they love and enjoy. An education that does not just teach, but also motivates and inspires. An education which shows a child that they do not have to reach the stars, because they already are one. Because most importantly, in 2050, no star will be left behind.
There are many more aspects of Europe i see in the future, and each of them make me realise how it will not be an easy path, and it will not just require one person, but all of us. It has always been the continent of the people, but the conditions of that change with time, and we stand together to make sure that those changes are positive for us, for our countries and for our continent. This is the Europe I have seen before, the Europe I see now, and the Europe I see in 2050.

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