Over the years, Europe went through many significant changes concerning various areas of life. They included both important and less important changes. Some of them have changed or even saved many human lives. At present, there are different techniques, such as tomography, designed in order to be able to look into human minds and painlessly scan the human body. But has Europe stopped to develop nowadays? And how will it look like in 30 years? As a future nurse, I will focus on the topic of medicine.
Susceptibility to civilization diseases, aging of societies, mutations of new germs which are difficult to identify, the limitations of the health system – all these issues create a conglomerate of problems that we will face in the nearest future. However, people associated with the medical profession closely observe the huge progress in terms of the development of the latest technologies. Do we have the chance to prevent diseases more effectively, and to age with less anxiety due to IT development? The incredible progress that has been made in recent years in relation to genetics and neurology, will certainly help to find answers to some of the most important questions in the field of psychiatry. During the next 30 years, I expect not one, but a few breakthroughs. Understanding the mechanisms of diseases will enable the development of completely new and more effective therapies, individually adapted to each patient. The final effect of all these achievements will be the decrease in the number of suicides, which are currently one of the main causes of death.
The most fascinating achievement in the field of medicine will include the discovery of such a method of obtaining new organs for transplantations so that it will be enough for each patient will not require the participation of the donor. This could be achieved by growing human organs in animal bodies. Excellent achievements in terms of heart regeneration are waiting around the corner, in 5 or 10 years we will learn to stimulate the body to recreate fingers, and a few years later – the whole limbs. In 2050, the replacement of all parts of the body with new ones will become commonplace.
If someone asked people living in the 1950s about what life will look like in 2019, they certainly would not be able to predict all the achievements that we use today. Taking into account the speed of Europe’s development nowadays, I believe that in 2050, according to scientists’ predictions, many fatal diseases will be curable. Medicine will also be able to cope with most types of cancer, many genetic disorders will also be eliminated. The progress in medicine will allow scientists to cope with mutations of different viruses much faster than now. Within 20 years, biotechnology will be fully understood as a conscious perception of biology in terms of information processing. Thus, we will be able to consciously and effectively eliminate the genes that cause diseases or aging, or add the other ones that protect us against cancer.

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