Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to talk about the future. Our future as the part of Europe and the part of the world. I’m convinced that democratic principles and European traditions are the key to this happy future we all have in our minds. Liberty, equality, justice together with respect for human dignity and human rights and the rule of law. Everything sounds so right and fair. Still, European countries have to make huge efforts every day to protect their values and to let the democratic system work.
Democracy is freedom of making choices which is a real art. We need to learn this art ourselves and teach the future generations. We need to make everyone understand that our safety, comfort and prosperity are not just a job of a group of people in the governmental halls.
A lot has been done to spread the ideas of democracy: educational and exchange programs, seminars, conferences… and it helps. But we need to make sure that they reach wide sections of the population inside the EU and, what is even more important, in the countries outside the EU and motivate their citizens to be more active.
I’d like to suggest some ideas. They are not new but I think they can work even for those who don’t have regular access to the internet or those who never travel outside their home regions. Such as:
– We need to create more movies, magazines, comics which show actual issues of our society and everyday life;
– Social projects (like volunteering in hospitals, animal shelters, nursing homes) can help everyone to unite, to comprehend the value of every single creature in the world, and to feel that the smallest contribution from each of us can make a big difference for someone’s life;
– Activities at school (especially in small towns and villages) to teach critical thinking, see the difference between good and evil, true and fake, promises and real actions.
I see successful Europe in 2050 where everyone is capable of taking responsibility for their own decisions and for the consequences of their choices for themselves and the world around them. Thank you for your attention.

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