My vision of Europe in 2050 is the collective vision which I came up with by looking at it from a multi-disciplinary perspective from the four main sectors which I believe would be key players for the fate of Europe in 2050: the farming sector, the research sector, the business sector, and the government sector, primarily the policymakers.

From the farmer’s perspective, my vision of Europe in 2050 is on the use of modern techniques or available technologies for precision farming or precision agriculture. This includes the use of drones in the wide implementation and use of crop protection substances and fertilizer applications. There will be new varieties of crops that will be release which are more high yielding, climate-resilient, and more nutritious. Food security and food safety will be attained without compromising environmental protection using sustainable techniques.

From the researcher’s point of view, my vision of Europe in 2050 is a cutting edge, research-driven Europe that will lead the innovations in multi-disciplinary fields through transnational collaborations. There will be enough funding for research both in the physical sciences and social sciences. There will be new products, discoveries, ways of thinking, and other things that would be born out of research and that would be the norm in 2050. But for this to happen, there should be heavy investment in terms of education and support for researchers and the youth and the students so that they’ll be motivated to take this career path.

From the business sector’s point of view, my vision of Europe in 2050 is an economic-driven Europe that is fully compliant to social corporate responsibility and environmental protection. There will be tons of start-ups and small and medium enterprises that will provide jobs for everybody, regardless of race, religion, and political affiliation. The economy of Europe in 2050 will reach an all time high that has never been before seen in the history of Europe.

From the policymaker’s point of view, my vision of Europe in 2050 is that there will be more policies which are science-based, and everybody will be a part in crafting these policies. There will be social reforms so that everybody will be included in the so called inclusive growth. There will also be strengthening and reform of existing policies to particularly address the needs of the citizens.

In conclusion, I think that this vision will become a reality if we are all going to sit down together and work hand-in-hand for the realization of this vision not only for 2050, but in the years to come. Thank you very much for listening.

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