When we think about future, first thing comes to our mind is technology and lifestyle.But future is not about super technology and comfortable lifestyle!We can't measure feature only with technology and lifestyle.A beautiful future means where everything, everyone will live with peace.Now Europe is one of the most developed places in earth.Every developing /under developing country want to follow the positive side of Europe.The change that will happen in Europe in the future, it will affect the whole world.That’s why a great change in Europe means a great opportunity to make the world better.There can be several types of change.

For example:

1.Animal and plant safety: We,humans are the most powerful species in the world.But does our work reflect it?We live our life like we don't care about other plant and animals.In 2050 I want to see Europe where every animal will be safe,Where no plant will be in danger of extinction.And for this,We need to make more solution for climate change issue and we need to stop using product that harmful to animal,We need to stop doing those work that destroys plant and animal habitat.Cause we dependent each other, for a better world we need to support each other!

2.I think education will change a lot in 2050.In 2050 educational institute will give more point to a student for doing extracurricular activities, networking and creative activities.Admission system will change a lot.It will not depend on only GPA.Also education system will be based on work/practical experience.We will have more diversity of international students in Europe.So, Europe's education system will affect other countries education system too in 2050.

3.The economic system of Europe in 2050 will help a lot Asian and African region.Cause it will be based on the global economic system which will be not only beneficial for Europe but it will also help us to develop African and Asian underdeveloped countries.In 2050 there will be more develop job industries.But why Europe?Cause Europe's job industry will change a lot with technology and artificial intelligence system .so, there will be a change and Europe will help other countries of the world to adopt it.

4.There will be more engagement of citizens with politics.People will more concerned about their right and duties.

5.Europe will lead the world to achieve SDG! In 2050 will be near to achieve goals like zero hunger,No poverty,Good health and well-being for people etc.
6. There will be less gender inequality and racism in 2050.everyone will have the same right and opportunity .people will get opportunities based on their skills and creativity not because of gender and color or nationality.
7.We will have more environment-friendly innovation in Europe which will be less harmful to the environment (like Sonali bag from jute for using inside of polybag).

All the point I wrote above will be leading and positive change in Europe but there will be other change too which will help Europe to develop them self more and make the world a better place by helping each other!

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