It seems to me that people born closer to the 2050th year will not be able to imagine what their short-lived ancestors lived. Europe in 2050 will be freed from the borders and barriers, the rudiments of which we still face. People of 2050 will not only be aware of global trends and problems, but also take an active part in this. I think that labor migrations in search of a better life, characteristic of the twentieth century, in 2050 will be enriched with volunteer migrations aimed at improving the quality of life of the population. Not the last role in this will play a different approach to the education system. I consider it right from childhood to teach national cultures and traditions with reference to the history of their formations. Understanding their international environment, people will be able to think and see other problems that we have to solve. On the part of decision-making structures, I see a more open decision-making system, with the voicing of current and future problems. Society must know what to fight and what to strive for. Realization of this task will be promoted by active introduction and use of information technologies in our life. I hope it will be so, and my children will find this bright future. Thank you.

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